The Gay Male Couple’s Guide to Nonmonogamy

January 11 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Health, News

After a couple instances of infidelity to which we both confessed, we decided it’s not realistic to expect either of us to never hook up with anyone else ever again.

Queer and Immigrant for the Holidays

December 24 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Health

The holidays are meant to be a time of merriment and family, but so can it be disappointing, even depressing, for some.

2011 – A Good Year to be Gay

December 12 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Health, News

With the US political establishment in deadlock and Republicans bowing to Tea Party mandarins over a raft of issues from immigration to curbs on trade unions, one area of American civil liberties celebrated a watershed year.

Meet my Partner or Boyfriend

September 26 0 Comments Category: Blogs

If I were in a formal setting like at a reception for some event I would introduce my significant other as my partner; if I were in an informal setting like a bar or something he would turn back into my boyfriend.

LifeLube: Med Schools Score Poorly in Teaching Gay/Lesbian Health

September 10 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Health, News

Medical schools set aside an average of only seven hours for topics related to the health care needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) patients.

LifeLube: “Magic” Pills and Potions – Hocus Pocus or Plus Plus?

August 02 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Health, News, Videos

See the fantastic Jim Pickett talk about the “Magic Pill” and other critical issues that impact global sexual health for our community.