GayHealthBlog: Is an open relationship for me?GayHealthBlog: Es una relación abierta para mí?GayHealthBlog: Um relacionamento aberto ‘e para mim?

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Dr. Greg Cason, PhD answers “What do I do when my partner wants an open relationship?”El Dr. Greg Cason, las respuestas de doctorado “¿Qué hago cuando mi pareja quiere una relación abierta?”Dr. Greg Cason, PhD respostas “O que eu faço quando o meu parceiro quer um relacionamento aberto?”

GayHealthBlog Q&A: Will HIV meds keep me healthy forever?

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Read Dr. Susan Ball’s advice to a young 24 year old.


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Helpful advise to boost self-esteem from the GayHealthBlog!

Were you bullied as a kid?Were you bullied as a kid?

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There’s more support today than when you were a kid. Read Dr. Cason’s advice for kids who are bullied.