Mormon church labels same-sex couples apostates

November 07 0 Comments Category: News

Mormons have fought the legalization of same-sex marriage, for example, while trying to avoid the “anti-gay” label sometimes affixed to conservative faiths.

Health effects of carbs: Where do we stand?

October 30 0 Comments Category: Health, News

In the 1990s, bread became bad, but we’re getting a more balanced perspective now. To lose weight, we have to cut calories, and that can happen by cutting carbs or fat.

‘Who’s the Boss?’ star Danny Pintauro reveals he’s HIV-positive

September 28 0 Comments Category: Health, News

Danny Pintauro, 39, starred in the 1980s sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” Last year he married Wil Tabares and recently he revealed that he has been HIV-positive since 2003.

George Takei walks back ‘blackface’ remark about Clarence Thomas

July 04 0 Comments Category: News

George Takei: Clarence Thomas is a ‘clown in blackface’