Open Relationships

If anyone has experience with open relationships, it’s Cole Maverick and Hunter. The Maverick Men—as known by their fan following at—are Boston-based porn stars who started their career at XTube, and after accumulating more than 80 million video views, created their own interactive website.

Cole and Hunter weren’t always porn stars. In fact, they used to be just your average couple with full-time 9-to-5 jobs. They each had busy work schedules, plenty of bills, and the same aspirations as any loving couple trying to make it in a big city. The problem was, they never got to spend time with one another.  Work interfered with date nights, vacations, and long mornings in bed together. They desperately wanted a change.

Cole and Hunter stumbled upon a porn career almost by accident, after placing a homemade porn video on the Internet.  Since then it’s been an exciting, thrilling time for them, but not without its challenges.

This year, Cole and Hunter released a book about their relationship and their transition from working-class jobs to explosive porn careers. The book, entitled “Maverick Men: The True Story Behind the Videos,” is part-erotica and part-love story. It also gives a great biographical account of a couple choosing to open their relationship to new sexual partners in a safe and healthy way.

Even before porn, and still today, the Maverick Men have always just been two guys in love with one another. They never defined their relationship as monogamous, even from the beginning, but when the conversation of an open relationship came up, they tackled it and embraced it. Whether it was a case of being open to a casual hookup or a filmed threesome, Cole and Hunter created rules, set standards for honesty, and put each other first.

Some rules got broken, and the crazy stories of their first year experimenting with an open relationship are well-documented in their book. But aside from the occasional drama, these guys have proved that open relationships—when done in a healthy and honest way—can work wonders in and outside the bedroom.

EXCERPT (FROM CHAPTER 10): After the success of their first video, Cole and Hunter are prompted by a friend to start doing on-camera threesomes.  Afterwards they talk with each other about the practicality of threesomes, safe sex, and the strains of an open sex life on their relationship

“To my good friends, who are changing the face of porn forever,” Paul said, with his champagne glass high in the air.  “And by face, Cole, I mean I’ve never seen an older son-of-a-bitch sell more videos than you, my friend.”

“They must be watching for Hunter,” I joked, and rubbed my partner’s neck with my free hand.  “I’d pay every day to watch him on video.”

Hunter blushed as he took a sip from his champagne glass.  Paul had been kind enough to invite us down the hallway for drinks on Saturday night.  He wanted to celebrate our XTube success, and chew my ear off for not telling him about the financial problems Hunter and I had been having.  I felt bad for not telling him about the Marinelli bullshit and the gym incident, but it was such a rough time for Hunter and I that I just wanted to focus on getting out of the dumps.  I knew Paul would’ve been right there to help, but a big part of me wanted to do it on my own.

“You know, Ron is a real douche bag to give you guys a scare like that.”

“Let’s not point fingers,” I replied, but Paul shook his head like he didn’t want to hear it.

“Who else could it have been?  Come on, let’s be real.  I know he’s always had a crush on you, Cole.  When you were with your ex, and now with Hunter, and he probably saw those videos, got super-jealous, and after wacking off to you thirty times—.”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough,” I said, holding both palms in the air.  “I don’t wanna ruin my dinner.”

“Fair enough.  But if I see that asshole on the street I’m gonna set him straight,” Paul aggressively replied.

“Please, you wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“Those were the old days,” Paul told me.  “I’m a new man.  Back on the prowl.”

“Have you seen any guys lately?” Hunter asked him.

“Still working on that.  I think you two need to send some my way!  I can just imagine the fan mail you get.”

“It’s been pretty cool,” Hunter said.  “Great response to our videos.”

“When are you going to start fucking fans on-camera?” Paul asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You can’t just have two-ways.  I don’t know any porn couple out there who only have sex with each other.  You need to introduce new, hot men into your sex life.  People want to see threesomes.  Keeps things fresh.”

I looked at Hunter, who had an awkward look on his face.  I knew he wasn’t uncomfortable with the question, but like me he hadn’t really thought about changing our videos to accommodate a third partner.  So far it had just been us, and we’d been doing really well.  But Paul did have a point.  Every day fans would write to us, asking to hook up if we ever came their way.

“I don’t know if I wanna get into all that,” I replied.  “Then you need to deal with forms and HIV testing and contracts and all this other crap.  We’d probably have to pay them, like hiring porn actors or something.  We’re not paying each other to have sex on-camera, and I think that’s what makes it hot.  It’s just—natural.”

“This is the XTube generation,” Paul replied.  “Get some little bottoms who will do it for free, just because they like you guys.  That’ll seem more natural anyway.  You don’t want any big tops.  Alpha male one and two are right here.  I swear to God.  Find some great bottoms who love you guys and want to hook up with you just for the sake of good sex.”

“But if we’re going to be putting it online and charging people, we can’t just not pay them,” I replied.

“These are inconsequential details, Cole,” Paul replied.  “There are a million options.  Give them a check, a percentage, some material shit—take them on vacation.  I don’t care what you do with the money.  Just make the money.  At some point nobody is going to be downloading your videos anymore, and that’s the sad truth of life.  So in the meantime, ride this baby out, and have a good time!”

“You really think threesomes are the answer?” Hunter asked.  I could sense the skepticism in his voice.  I didn’t know how I felt about it either.  Hunter and I hadn’t even explored a real threesome together yet, let alone doing one on-camera.  We’d talked in the past about an open relationship, but our sexual attraction for each other was still so strong that neither of us really needed anything open.

“I think you two are foolish if you don’t give it a try,” Paul said.  “Test it out.  Guarantee the first video blows up the last one you put out.”

“Why can’t we just keep it between us?” I asked him.

“One-on-one videos?  Viewers will get tired of it.  You’re both men, you know how it is.  Sexual attraction is raw and fleeting.  Keep it interesting.  You guys are in a new relationship, and it’s with the millions of gay guys who watch online porn.  Don’t let that marriage get stale.  Keep it fresh, and they’ll keep coming back.”

Hunter and I turned to look at each other with the same hesitation in our eyes.  I could tell what he was thinking.  Paul had made a lot of good points, but the decision wasn’t going to be that simple.  Money was one thing, but my relationship with Hunter was sacred and special.  I didn’t want to do anything that would fuck it up.  But, if this could be our ticket to a more relaxed life together, without all the pressures of a nine to five—or in Hunter’s case, 10 AM to midnight—job, then it was worth a shot.

“We’ll think about it,” I carefully replied, and lifted the champagne glass to my lips.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Paul’s suggestion had sparked my curiosity.  As soon as we got back to the apartment, Hunter went off to take a shower and prepare for bed, and I glued myself to the computer.  I sought out any and every gay couple that released videos on XTube.  I didn’t find many, but there seemed to be a familiar theme.  Threesomes were in.  Paul had made a valuable point.  I would’ve loved to just do videos with Hunter, but would there come a time when people would get sick of seeing just the two of us on camera?

The idea of filming threesomes worried me, and I guess because it was getting closer to the studio feel.  I didn’t know for sure, but I assumed finding third persons would mean a whole new process.  We’d have to sign contracts, keep tabs on royalties, and probably deal with a bunch of other issues.  What if we found someone perfect, signed the contract, and then as soon as the video came out they decided they wanted to shut it down?  Would we keep the video up and profit from it, or be the good guys and take it offline?  I knew that if we were to do threesomes, we’d be going after younger guys.  Maybe someone in their early twenties to add that third generation to our mix.  My only issue was dealing with that age range.  How many kids at twenty years old would confidently know that they want to be floating around the web forever?

“What do you think?” Hunter asked as he came up the ladder leading to the second floor.  The lower half of his body was wrapped in a white towel, and his hair was wet and pulled back.

“I think it makes sense,” I replied.  “Just a lot to think about.”

Hunter slowly walked over to the bed, and sat down so that he was facing the computer desk.  He folded his arms on his knees, so that his thick, muscular pecs pressed outwards, hanging above his abs.

“I want to quit my job,” he said, with such assurance that it seemed like he was ready to do anything to leave the restaurant.  “I want to do this.  If you think it’ll be better for us to focus on threesomes, then let’s do it.  We just need rules.  I mean—we haven’t even had a regular threesome yet.”

“What do you think about threesomes?” I asked him, and set the computer on its screensaver so that I could join my partner on the bed.  As he rubbed his lips together and thought about the question, I walked over to the bed and took a seat right next to him, wrapping my arm around the soft skin of his back.

“I don’t need them,” he replied, quickly turning so that his eyes were staring into mine.  “But I know that monogamy isn’t always practical.  And I don’t ever want to get to a point where—well, when we’re fighting or doing something behind each other’s back.  I just wanna be as open as possible, and share everything with you.”

“I love you more than anything in the world,” I said as I massaged his back.  “You’re so important to me.  You drive me fucking crazy, you know that?  I mean—look at me,” I said, and pointed to my crotch, where my dick had already sprung out from underneath my shorts.  “All I have to do is touch you and I get like this.”

Hunter blushed, and he reached his hand down into my shorts, squeezing my erection with his fingers.

“I don’t have any doubts,” he said.  “I just want you to know that I’ll try threesomes.  On video—and off, if you really want.  We just need to have rules.  Like, our rules of engagement.”

“That’s good,” I jokingly replied.  “How about no kissing.”  I relaxed my body as Hunter’s fingers tickled along the head of my cock.  “And neither of us bottom.  We only do that for each other.”

“So wait—basically that rule just means that I’m not allowed to bottom for anyone else?” Hunter asked me.

“Well—I only want you to bottom for me.  I’m your partner.  Your ass is mine, just like certain things of mine are yours.  It’s different,” I said, trying to defend my request, although I could instantly tell by Hunter’s face that I’d probably worded it the wrong way.

“How is that fair?”

“Hunter, why would I wanna sit here and watch you get pounded by some stranger?” I replied.

“You’re such an Italian alpha male,” he said, and playfully rolled his eyes.  “What if it’s just sitting here and watching me be pleasured?”

“Well do you want to bottom for other guys?”

“No,” he said.  “I don’t know.  But I’m afraid that if I’m not allowed to bottom, then the type of guys we’ll be meeting won’t be my type.  Paul said the word twink like twenty times tonight, but I’m not really into twinks.  I don’t want to just be meeting twinks or guys who look like me, because then the threesomes are just to your benefit and not mine.  We need to mix it up.  Get some top vers guys that will bottom for us.”

“I understand,” I softly replied, giving him a moment to calm down.  “How about we do this: if we’re hooking up for a video, we pick guys who are fun, cute, will become friends of ours, and will make a great video.  When we’re hooking up outside of videos, we both have to approve them in order to meet them.”

“So you only want to be open together?” Hunter asked.  He turned to face me again, and I got the feeling that he thought this new openness meant I’d want to fool around on the side.

“Nobody does for me what you do.  You’re the most important man in my life.  Anyone who wants to meet me better want to meet you too, otherwise it’s not happening.  If someday we want to be open outside of threesomes, we’ll talk to each other, and bring it up then.  Hunter, I want you to quit your job so we can be together all the time!  The last thing I want is more time away, to fuck around with some trick.”

Hunter lowered his head and smiled.  His hand was still moving along my hard cock, massaging the soft skin under the head.  I hoped he knew how madly in love with him I was.  I didn’t think that we needed to make our relationship more open.  Our sex life was going great, and I was more attracted to him than ever.  I knew we’d find a way to experiment with these threesomes, and have a good time, and I just hoped that my relationship with Hunter would stay strong throughout.

“So no kissing or bottoming,” Hunter said, repeating the two rules we’d created.  “And unless it’s for a video, I don’t want to see someone more than once.  Unless we really click, and they become a buddy, you know?  Oh—and nobody sleeps in the bed with us.”

“Yeah, I agree.  No one in our bed,” I replied, and knew exactly what was going through Hunter’s head with that one.  He was probably scared to death that some twink with a daddy/muscle top fetish would start hooking up with us and suddenly want to become a houseboy.  We knew how to cook and do our own laundry, so we weren’t exactly looking for that kind of a relationship.  At least not yet.

“Anything else?” Hunter asked me, a pensive look on his face as he thought about any problems that might come up for opening our relationship to new sexual partners.

“Yeah, we’re missing a big one,” I said.  “I like bareback.”

“You do like bareback,” he replied, and his eyes lit up.  “Well can you use a condom when we have threesomes?”

“What am I—gonna fuck you without one and then put one on for them, and go back and forth?  I don’t want our threesomes to be a fucking carousel.”

“You’re crazy,” Hunter told me.  “I love bareback sex too, I’m not arguing with you.  It sucks when you have a great, thick erection, and as soon as you put a condom on it your dick starts to deflate.  Can we just get lots of testing kits?  I mean—it depends who we’re talking about, right?  Because at least for me, if I was going over some guy’s house, and he was like hey, do you wanna take this testing kit before we fuck, I’d probably lose my interest.”

“Good point.  So we’ll do it before the day of the hookup.  And for videos it’ll be an absolute requirement.  We all go together, and use it as a chance to get to know each other if we haven’t met yet.  That way everyone gets tested together, and everyone gets an answer together.”

“I like that idea a lot,” Hunter replied, nodding his head.  “You think guys will be okay with doing bareback videos with us?  It might narrow the field of people willing to film with us.”

“Well, it’s just about trust,” I told him.  “We’ll all get tested together and get answers at the same time.  And if they’re cool, and they think we’re cool guys, and we all have the piece of paper to prove we’re totally safe and clean, then what is there to worry about?  There’s nothing more beautiful than bareback sex, and if we can manage to do it in a way that’s safe and enjoyable, every hook-up is gonna feel great, and look great on-camera too.”

“Just be prepared for some backlash,” Hunter said.

“Don’t worry about what people think.  It’s not like we’re pulling guys off the street and fucking everyone and everything without getting tested.  I’ll get tested three times a week if it means we can have hot, uninhibited fun with our guys.  And if the guys aren’t into it, then we either use condoms or don’t meet them.  It’s time that people stop being so fucking afraid of bareback sex.  STDs don’t get spread during bareback sex when both guys are clean.  Infections happen when people don’t know who they’re fucking.”

“Don’t forget, with open relationships, sometimes boyfriends give it to each other,” Hunter said, and took a deep breath.  He had that worried expression on his face again.  I knew it would take a long time for all this open relationship stuff to settle.  It could be years before we were totally comfortable with an open relationship, but I was up for the challenge.

“You’re right, they do.  But sometimes long-time couples drift apart, and they no longer know who they’re waking up next to every morning.  I don’t think that’ll happen with us.  We just need to be totally honest with each other.  You think you’re up for that?”

“Yeah, I can handle that.”

“Then it’s a deal.  Our rules of engagement.”

“You think we should try this first with someone for a video, or someone just for fun?” he asked.  The same thought was running through my head.  I wondered if our first threesome would seem any different if it was on-camera versus off.  In fact, I wondered if off-camera might even be stranger.  At least on-camera, all the emotions surrounding our first time with a third person might be repressed by the fact that we were all just doing something fun that would appear online.

“How about I’ll search online, and we’ll see what happens,” I said.  “If they wanna do a video, we’ll do one.  If not, then it’ll just be a hookup.  Sex isn’t anything new to us, so this’ll just be sex with someone else.”

“Easily said.  This open stuff can fuck with emotions though.”

“Hey—,” I gently squeezed Hunter’s shoulder and pulled him a little so that he put his eyes back on mine.  “Two things.  First—we’ve got this.  We can handle this, and we’re gonna have fun doing it.”

“I know.”  A small smile appeared on his face.

“And two—if you don’t do something with this hard cock in your hand, then I’m gonna attack you right now.”

“Oh yeah?” Hunter made this coy grin, and immediately released his hand from my dick.

“That’s it!”

As I leaped at my partner, I tried to put the open relationship talk out of my mind.  I was so happy with my relationship, and I was willing to do anything to make our lives better.  And I have to admit, somewhere deep inside me I was going crazy thinking about how hot it would be for my boy Hunter to fuck the hell out of some twink.  Him fucking the kid on one end, and me face-fucking him on the other.  What a fantasy.

If on-camera threesomes were the answer, then I was ready and willing.  Hell, I’d do ten-man orgies if it meant we could quit our jobs and just enjoy a new life together.  Well—maybe not ten guys at once.  But I did have a great feeling that venturing into threesomes would give us a chance to meet some cool new people, and maybe not feel so alone in the sea of XTube users.  I wanted to develop our own little A-Team, although the only mission that this A-Team would be implementing was to fuck the hell out of each other on a daily basis.

We had just barely gotten our rent check in on time, but there were many more months of rent to pay for.  Not to mention an expensive desktop and a costly—and extinct—gym membership, all sitting on credit cards that were just waiting to fuck us with high interest.  We needed a lifestyle change.  Badly.  And even though I had no idea what was going to come out of this open relationship, I just hoped that it would make Hunter and I stronger.  Looking back to that night when we agreed to start having threesomes, I wish I’d known just how much drama was going to follow our decision.  We’d dived into our open relationship head first, praying that the worst of times were behind us.  We couldn’t have been more incorrect.


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