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The Body:
You Say Whore Like It’s a Bad Thing

October 26 0 Comments Category: Videos

Today, stigma remains as alive and well as ever while the epidemic evolves, except that now it’s a pill for HIV prevention that has moralistic panties up in a bunch.

NBC News:
Caitlyn Jenner Receives ESPY Arthur Ashe Award for Courage

July 16 0 Comments Category: News, Videos

The moving speech was her most high profile appearance since announcing her physical transition to a woman last month.

Boston Herald:
Gelzinis: Gay BPD cadets step out of shadow

June 17 6 Comments Category: Videos

Shawn MacIver, left, and Jimmy Moccia, who graduate from the Boston Police Academy tomorrow, will be the first gay couple to graduate from the academy.

In Brief to Justices, Former Military Officials Support Same-Sex Marriage

April 20 0 Comments Category: Videos

A friend-of-the-court brief submitted to the Supreme Court notes that service members may be sent against their wishes to a state that does not recognize their same-sex marriage.