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Amid brazen, deadly attacks, gay Syrians tell of fear of ISIS persecution

March 06 0 Comments Category: News, Videos

One gay couple CNN spoke to said they fled Syria after a car tried to run them over.

Kaiser Family Foundation:
25 Young Gay Men. 25 Inspiring Stories.

January 02 0 Comments Category: Health, News, Videos

In case you missed it, twenty-five young gay men get real about HIV as part of #SpeakOutHIV, a campaign from Greater Than AIDS.

Manhunt Cares Featured Video: NEGATIVE – HIV Negative Gay Men Speaking for Themselves

December 26 0 Comments Category: Health, Videos

A must watch! Courtesy of My Fabulous Disease’ Mark S. King. Thanks Mark!!

10 Healthiest Cities

September 22 0 Comments Category: Videos

Take a quick trip around the globe with The CNN 10 and pick up a tip or two from these healthy cities. Your body and mind will thank you.