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The Sex You Want

August 10 0 Comments Category: Health, Q&A

The Sex You Want, created by the AIDS Committee of Toronto in partnership with the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance and in consultation with an Advisory Committee of Educators from across Ontario. Common Questions and Answers About Penis Size

April 30 0 Comments Category: Health, Q&A

Great sex is much more than the sum (or length) of its parts. Some of these questions have easy answers, most of them don’t.

365GAY: Ask the Expert – ‘What should I call my significant other?’

February 26 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Q&A

I’m not really comfortable calling mine my “lover” (although he insists on calling me that), but the word “partner” is confusing: Business partner or life partner?

LifeLube: …my boyfriend and I are serious. Can we ditch the condoms?LifeLube: … mi novio y yo en serio. ¿Se puede abandonar a los condones?LifeLube: … o meu namorado e eu somos sérios. Podemos abandonar o preservativo?

September 11 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Health, Q&A

LifeLube’s Peter Pointers is here for you. Whatever question you may have regarding sexual health, physical health, mental/emotional and spiritual health – ask him. LifeLube’s Peter Pointers está aquí para usted. Sea cual sea la pregunta que pueda tener sobre la salud sexual, salud física, salud mental / emocional y espiritual – se lo pidan.LifeLube’s Peter Pointers está aqui para você. Seja qual for a pergunta que você pode ter em relação à saúde sexual, saúde física, mental / emocional e espiritual – perguntar-lhe.

GayHealthBlog: Is an open relationship for me?GayHealthBlog: Es una relación abierta para mí?GayHealthBlog: Um relacionamento aberto ‘e para mim?

May 20 0 Comments Category: Health, Q&A, Videos

Dr. Greg Cason, PhD answers “What do I do when my partner wants an open relationship?”El Dr. Greg Cason, las respuestas de doctorado “¿Qué hago cuando mi pareja quiere una relación abierta?”Dr. Greg Cason, PhD respostas “O que eu faço quando o meu parceiro quer um relacionamento aberto?”

Dating and Mating with Alan Irgang

December 08 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Health, Q&A

Manhunt Cares is pleased to post LifeLube’s new advice column. Forget Dear Abby, ask Alan Irgang anything about dating and mating and get advice for our community!