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New York Times Interactive:
Coming Out

March 30 0 Comments Category: Health, News

Check out Audio, Photos, and Stories of Gay Teens from New York Times Interactive!

NYTimes: Indiana Law Denounced as Invitation to Discriminate Against Gays

March 28 0 Comments Category: News

Protesters turned out last week in Indianapolis against an Indiana measure that lets businesses refuse to serve same-sex couples

US Community Report:
The Coolest Sex Survey Results You’ll Ever See (And Play With!)

March 26 0 Comments Category: Health, News

The results, which are based on a published study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, are presented on an interactive site that’s as fun to play with as it is informative.

Huffington Post:
How Gay Porn Helped Build the Gay Rights Movement

March 24 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Health, News

…at a time when mainstream media portrayed homosexuals as pathological, depressive and criminal, porn offered a sunny alternative.