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Health effects of carbs: Where do we stand?

August 19 0 Comments Category: Health, News

In the 1990s, bread became bad, but we’re getting a more balanced perspective now. To lose weight, we have to cut calories, and that can happen by cutting carbs or fat.

Huffington Post:
What Does Safe Sex Mean When Hooking Up?

August 15 0 Comments Category: Health, News

The term safe sex became ubiquitous and nowhere was that more apparent then in online profiles. For over twenty years it was a way for men to indicate that they wanted to use a condom. Often the phrase was a visual representation of the adopting of a community norm, presenting the image of the good little gay boy, whether or not condoms were actually used.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health

August 11 0 Comments Category: Health, News

Take some time to learn more about how the CDC is helping Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health.

US Community Report:
The Coolest Sex Survey Results You’ll Ever See (And Play With!)

August 07 0 Comments Category: Health, News

The results, which are based on a published study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, are presented on an interactive site that’s as fun to play with as it is informative.

Psychology Today:
5 Sex/Relationship Myths Therapists Should Stop Believing

August 03 0 Comments Category: Health

Believe it or not, your therapist is often wrong about sex

The Body:
You Say Whore Like It’s a Bad Thing

July 31 0 Comments Category: Health

Today, stigma remains as alive and well as ever while the epidemic evolves, except that now it’s a pill for HIV prevention that has moralistic panties up in a bunch.