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What is Manhunt Cares?
Manhunt Cares’ web presence provides practical, relevant health resources and web links for interested Manhunt members and the GLBTQ community at large. Over the past ten years Manhunt has partnered with hundreds of non-profit community-based organizations and public health departments to provide individualized, local health information for the benefit of our members.  In short, Manhunt Cares and our tag line says it all: Health partnerships that make a difference.

How is this website affiliated with Manhunt? Manhunt and Manhunt Cares are owned and operated by Online Buddies, Inc. Given that visitors to Manhunt Cares may not be Manhunt members, separate Terms of Use and Privacy Policy exist.

Why is Manhunt Cares a separate website? Separating Manhunt Cares from our main site allows everyone to have unrestricted access to information about our Manhunt Cares Health Partners, so even if you are not a Manhunt member, you may benefit from learning more about a local organization. If you are a Manhunt member and logged in to the site, simply click on the “Health” link (next to the Customer Service & Logout links) to visit Manhunt Cares.

So then, what is the main focus of Manhunt Cares? The website focuses on three main goals:

  • To improve members’ understanding and access to local, state and national Manhunt Cares Health Partners
  • To allow members to learn more about innovative Manhunt Cares Health Partners health products and research opportunities which benefit our community
  • To provide an easy way for members to give back to these important organizations

Manhunt Cares, and the OLB Research Institute, is proud to be an industry-leading provider of online Gay Sexual Health™ information and resources.

Where is all the health information? Manhunt leads the industry with its cooperation with public and private health organizations. We did this to respond to the wants and needs of our members. We are not health professionals, and we won’t try to be. Manhunt Cares staff do not write about health-related topics. That’s the job of our Manhunt Cares Health Partners, who have been screened by us. We know these organizations have a clear understanding of the needs of our online dating and hook-up world. So Get on, Get off, & Get access to health information, testing locations, research and much more!

What if I can’t find a Manhunt Cares Health Partner in my area? Even with the hundreds of health partners we have on Manhunt, there may be a member who lives somewhere where there aren’t local Manhunt Cares Health Partners yet!  To suggest a national health/GLBTQ website contact Online Buddies, Inc.’s Senior Health Strategist.

How do I find one of these health partners starting from the Manhunt website? If you’re a Manhunt member, you can search for any of these organizations by typing either “Outreach”, “Health”, or “Research” in Manhunt’s ‘Member Name’ search field located in the right corner of the page. All Manhunt Cares health profiles have a Manhunt Cares profile pictured displayed below.

I’ve never seen health organizations on Manhunt. How would I recognize one?

Profiles of Manhunt Cares Health Partners are separated into three types:

  • Outreach
  • Partner Notification
  • Research Recruitment

Each organization can be identified by these logos which appear in place of the main picture: In addition to the Manhunt Cares logo, you’ll often see agency-specific logos as secondary pictures.

Outreach Profiles are used by a community-based organization’s GLBTQ health education staff. Each profile includes information about the agency, services offered, and contact information. These organizations can serve as your personal health consultants and will discuss your health concerns privately and confidentially through e-mail or, IM or, over the phone. Please be aware of the following:

  • They can’t contact you first! You have to contact them first with your questions and only then can they e-mail or IM you.
  • These profiles provide good-faith suggestions and health information, but they are not a substitute for seeing your medical provider or mental health professional. Please seek medical/mental health care when necessary.

Outreach organizations are generally non-profit, federally and state funded community-based organizations who seek to help educate communities and individuals about sexual health, substance abuse, and mental health issues. These profiles can provide excellent information to you and we are glad to have them as health partners!

Search our Directory for a local Outreach Profile near you.

Partner Notification Profiles are only used by public health professionals trained by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Each profile contains similar information about partner notification and website-specific contact information. Please be aware of the following:

  • These profiles can contact you, and if they do it’s because they’re notifying you of a potential exposure to a sexually transmitted infection.
  • Their work is based upon a laboratory confirmed infection report and a private, confidential interview with an infected person. This means they’ve talked to a person who was recently diagnosed and that person asked this trained professional to carefully and confidentially notify at-risk Manhunt members they’ve had sex with.
  • If you receive an e-mail from any of these profiles, please read it for further information.

State and local health departments are federally and state funded to provide HIV/STD Partner Services and their overall public health goal is to reduce and prevent the number of sexually transmitted infections. These partner notification profiles help to keep the number of sexually transmitted infections down on Manhunt (and in the community at-large) and we’re grateful for their service!

Search our Directory for a local Partner Notification Profile near you.

Research Recruitment Profiles are comparable to outreach profiles in that they can’t e-mail you first.  They act as an ‘advertisement’ for specific research projects. Their goal is to recruit Manhunt members to participate in a variety of research studies.  Please be aware of the following:

  • They cannot contact you first. If you see one of these research study profiles and are interested in finding out more about the study, feel free to e-mail them directly.
  • Sometimes you’ll find several research profiles, others times there will be none.

Research recruitment institutions are generally universities or colleges which can be either privately or publicly funded. You may also see a private media company working on a contractual basis on behalf of federal, state or local health departments. These profiles make sure you get a chance to participate in potentially influential studies which relate to our community!

Search our Directory for a local Research Recruitment Profile near you.

How do I become a Manhunt Cares Health Partner? Interested health partners can e-mail Online Buddies, Inc’s Senior Health Strategist to apply to become an official health partner.  Please note that any organization that attempts to create an unauthorized health or research profile will be violating Online Buddies, Inc. Terms of Service.

How do I become a Manhunt member? To join Manhunt, click here and then click on the big Join Now button on the Manhunt home page. You’ll be immediately directed to the member registration form. Just follow the instructions on your screen, and we’ll get your free account set up in a flash.

More about Research:

What type of research studies do you allow on Manhunt? Every organization that wants to perform online research, purchase research banners and/or a research recruitment profile, must fill out an Online Buddies, Inc. Research Application. This application is reviewed by a volunteer board of expert researchers who know our community and make sure the research being proposed is ethical. We never want to have our members recruited for misleading research projects. Please contact Online Buddies, Inc.’s Senior Health Strategist to learn more about the application process.

How do Manhunt members benefit from research studies? Manhunt members benefit directly and indirectly from participating in research studies. Research studies may explore a variety of different topics that relate to the health and well-being of our members and our community.

As a Manhunt member, how can I participate in these research studies? There are several ways to participate in research studies. You can visit the Research Institute tab on this website or if you’re a Manhunt member you can search for a research profile in our member search field. As a Manhunt member you might get a random e-mail from our own Manhunt Cares profile (yes, we have one!) or see an advertising banner that alerts you to different studies.

How have Manhunt members contributed to research studies? Throughout the years, several cutting-edge research projects have been influenced by Manhunt members. Examples include:

Health Products:

What types of health products are available on Manhunt Cares? Currently there are innovative publications and health products* promoted on Manhunt Cares. We do not sell any of these products ourselves. You can purchase any of these products from the respective websites:

*Online Buddies, Inc. cannot assume any responsibility for problems encountered with these products or publications.

These health products are mostly available in the United States. I live outside the United States. When will I see something for me? The United States is the largest industrialized economy without a national health care system. This means the private industry often fills gaps in affordable health care. We decided to highlight several innovative health products because we care about our members and want them to know of alternatives to traditional medical care at affordable prices. We’d love to be able to promote products that are manufactured and sold outside the United States but some are not yet approved in all countries.  To suggest products we should consider promoting in your country, please contact Online Buddies, Inc.’s Senior Health Strategist.

Who are your Research Partners?

Sigma Research (2010-Present): Sigma Research is a social research group specialising in the social, behavioural and policy aspects of HIV and sexual health. Sigma is part of the Faculty of Public Health and Policy at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. For more information go to: www.sigmaresearch.org.uk

Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University (2009-2011): The Center for Sexual Health Promotion is a collaborative of sexual health scholars from across the campuses of Indiana University and strategic partner academic institutions around the globe who, in partnership with practitioners from community-based health organizations, government and industry, work toward advancing the field of sexual health through our research, education and training initiatives. At our core is a commitment to the active engagement of graduate students in our work; we view this as essential to growing the next generation of sexual health scholars and practitioners. The Center for Sexual Health Promotion is based in the Department of Applied Health Science, in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, at Indiana University-Bloomington. For more information, go to: www.sexualhealth.indiana.edu/index.html

Public Health Solutions (2006-2009): Public Health Solutions is a non-profit organization that develops, implements, and advocates dynamic solutions to prevent disease and improve community health. Public Health Solutions conducts comprehensive research providing insight on public health issues, creates and manages community health programs, and provides services to other organizations to address public health challenges. Public Health Solutions was formerly known as Medical and Health Research Association of New York City, Inc. (MHRA). For more information, go to: www.healthsolutions.org.

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University (2006-2009): Founded in 1890 as the School of Pedagogy, the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development was the first school of its kind in the United States. Today, NYU Steinhardt advances knowledge, creativity, and innovation at the crucial crossroads of human learning, culture, development, and well-being. Through rigorous research and education, the school’s faculty and students evaluate and redefine processes, practices, and policies in their respective fields and lead in an ever-changing world. For more information, go to: www.steinhardt.nyu.edu.

Who are your media sponsors?

Spark PR (2014 – present):

  • Founded in 1999 and one of the largest independent PR firms in the world
  • Headquartered in San Francisco with locations in New York and London.
  • Over 60 full and part-time PR pros, covering all industry disciplines and geographies, makes our tech team one of largest worldwide
  • Laser focused on all aspects of technology across multiple industries
  • A roster of clients and client experience comprised of global brands
  • Successfully launched many of today’s game-changing technology brands

Our measure of success is based on how much we contribute to our clients’ success. Awards could not be earned without having worked with the industry’s most innovative companies.

  • Bulldog Reporter Gold Award Winner, ‘Best Use of Digital/Social for a Consumer Technology Campaign’, 2012
  • The Holmes Report’s ‘Technology Agency of the Year’, 2012
  • Bay Area’s ‘Top 10 Best Places to Work’, San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, 2012, 2011, 2010
  • Ranked in 2011 as ‘Top 50′ PR Agency by PRWeek (all industries and categories), 9th largest West Coast firm
  • PRWeek Top Five Finalist, Small PR Agency of the Year, 2010
  • Ranked one of the largest Independent PR Agencies in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Odwyer’s, 2010
  • Winner of the TechCrunch “Crunchies” Award For Best Overall Technology PR Agency in United States, 2009
  • Ranked #1 Mid-sized Agency (26-99 employees) by PRSourcecode survey of 500 journalists and bloggers from IT and business publications, 2009
  • Named to Inc. 5000 ‘America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies’ five years in a row (2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007)

Project Publicity (2008 – 2013): Project Publicity is a diversified public relations and marketing agency focused on building the images of  THE YOUNG, THE HIP, AND THE UP-AND-COMING. “Our mission is to catapult alternative culture into the mainstream,” says Len Evans, who, along with Jeff Dorta, founded the firm in 2002. “We represent artists and organizations who have already established themselves in their respective niches and are ready to be launched to the next level.” Project Publicity works with its roster to identify both short- and long-term public relations goals and carefully develops an effective public relations strategy. The firm then implements regional, national, and international publicity campaigns for maximum exposure and optimal impact. The growth of Project Publicity has afforded successful ventures in the industries of music, film, online, fashion, and publishing. The firm has brought credibility, respectability and notoriety to a wide array of corporate and entertainment companies, including record labels, film studios, and television programs as well as Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy-Award winning artists. For more information, go to: www.projectpublicity.com.

In The Life Media (2008-2010): In The Life Media provides information about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities, documents the ongoing LGBT civil rights movement, and produces diverse images of the LGBT community to create better understanding and acceptance. It is the producer of IN THE LIFE, the longest running television show documenting the gay experience. For more information, go to: www.inthelifetv.org.

Who are your corporate partners?

Our corporate partners are inGroup Press and Condomerie. For more information see below:

inGroup Press (2009 – Present):

inGroup Press is a fresh, young LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) publishing company with personality. We’re based in Chicago, yet we are restlessly on the move for the most intriguing titles within the LGBT community. We don’t like addiction but we love to experience. We believe in the future of publishing and we understand the importance of the Internet, and our mission is to find balance and fusion in a marriage between the two. A marriage that connects people to great stories, to exciting distractions, and to the evolution of lifestyle.

Condomerie (2009 – Present): As well as a shop in Amsterdam, the Condomerie operates a wholesale and mail order business and has a huge range of condoms on offer. The team has also invested a great deal of time and money in research, resulting in an in-depth knowledge of the product. Today the Condomerie has become a concept, where people can come for personal advice and get answers to all their questions about condoms; be it size, type, allergy or anything else. The idea for a specialised condom shop was conceived on April 10, 1987 during a lively discussion in an Amsterdam restaurant about the disease that has occupied our thoughts since the beginning of the 80’s: AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This is an incurable and deadly virus transmitted via blood or sperm, that attacks the natural immune system of the body. The expectation was that the aids virus, called HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, would quickly spread throughout the world. It seemed clear that man should count on the surfacing of more new viruses. General sexual hygiene and use of condoms became essential: Safe Sex was the motto. Condoms were obtainable from pharmacies, chemists, sex shops and vending machines. There was, however, little choice or good information. It was time for a specialised condom shop with a wide selection, expert information and good service. The aim was to remove the taboo surrounding the sale of condoms and provide proper information about the different types and sizes available in an unselfconscious manner. On April 20, 1987 Marijke Vilijn, Ricky Jansen and Theodoor van Boven decided to put their idea into practice. They came up with the name “Condomerie”. Wim Verschuren devised the associated name “Het Gulden Vlies”, derived from the Greek myths The Golden Fleece and Jason and the Argonauts. A logo was designed by Paul Bodoni. Space was available in the heart of Amsterdam at Warmoesstraat 141. The Condomerie had to be easily approachable by everyone, men and women, young and old. Artwork with erotic and safe sex themes was used to decorate the interior of the shop. The HIV-virus is primarily transmitted via unprotected sexual intercourse. The chance of getting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases can be greatly reduced by the use of condoms: “sex + aids = death / sex + condom = life”.  The HIV-virus doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can become infected. Despite that, in 1987, a persistent rumour circulated that the HIV-virus could only afflict homosexual men. This was, of course, absolute nonsense. In order to counterbalance this image, the Condomerie decided that only the two female members of the team would be involved in the public side of the operation. This was to emphasise the fact that women as well as men have to take responsibility for preventing infection. Historically women have been more involved in preventing pregnancy. Yet of STDs, Sexually Transmittable Diseases, such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hepatitus-B, HIV-infection, herpes and syphilis, the first two can cause infertility in women. Pregnant women can also transfer a number of these diseases to their baby during pregnancy and birth. The condom is, until now, the only easy-to-use means of preventing STD.  The Condomerie focuses specifically on tested condoms and helps customers find the most suitable ones for them. It also sells fun and fantasy condoms. Sometimes the safe-sex message can be brought across better with a smile. On Saturday, May 1, 1987, the world’s first specialised condom shop V.O.F. Condomerie Het Gulden Vlies opened its doors. The opening earned a lot of attention in the Dutch media and worldwide publicity followed. The news was everywhere: “Two women in Amsterdam have opened the world’s first specialised condom shop”. One aim of the Condomerie was immediately achieved: the taboo surrounding the sale and purchase of condoms was broken.

It seems that Manhunt Cares’ corporate partners are mostly based in the United States. Why is this?
You’re correct. The majority of our corporate partners are in the United States, like Manhunt, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want other countries represented. We’d like to hear your suggestions about potential partners or products available in your area. Please contact Online Buddies, Inc.’s Senior Health Strategist to suggest a corporate partner or product.