Gay men’s body image

May 22 0 Comments Category: Blogs, Health

How is it that we as a community have come to a point where it seems as though only fat-free muscular builds and thin physiques define attractiveness and worthiness of love?

First, take a moment to reflect on how you developed your sense of who you are.

This process was likely heavily influenced by how much your sexuality plays a part in your life. If you are gay, like it or not, your sexuality plays a huge role in your life. I don’t need to repeat how often we hear messages that being gay is immoral, disgusting, and threatening to American culture.

What other kinds of messages are we given? Mainstream media presents us with a selection of caricatures of gay men that can be described as feminine and weak.

Think about it. When was the last time a strong, masculine gay male was portrayed in mainstream American media?

Can’t think of anything? I certainly can’t, but I could be missing something.

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